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"Dare To Be Your Authentic Self"

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Dare to Be your Authentic Self

About        Loria

Gloria Bailey-Ray is a coach, a speaker, and an author.

Gloria engages her audiences with her contagious engaging personality, high energy, and her authenticity. After going through several traumatic life-changing experiences, Gloria found her voice in wanting to help women to become their authentic selves. As a Certified Professional Life Coach and motivational speaker. Gloria spent over 26 years of progressive management experience in Corporate America. Her various positions allowed development and experience in motivating, hiring, training, and setting strategy from growth modes to start-ups

Why should you choose me as your coach?

I am intrigued by "The Process"- the process of your learning and growth. I am inspired by the increments of growth that happen on a daily basis.

There is a choices in every scenario, whether you see it or not. I step in to teach you how to recognize all of your options and make the best decision for the goals you have set. Choice then becomes the mechanism for growth and what you learn on your journey. Each day starts a journey. You either continue down the path you're on or you head in a new direction. This is your first choice of the day. 


It's my unwillingness to give up on you and your potential that keeps you going. You become accountable to me. I don't give up, I push,  follow up, I listen, and I go through it with you and that is my accountability to you. Consequently, performance in your personal and professional life should improve. 

There is no handbook that tells you how to navigate Corporate America. Some questions you should seek answers to are: How do you separate yourself from the masses? What do your habits say to your supervisor? Answers to these questions will directly affect how far you go in your chosen career. If you desire to succeed, however success may look to you, you need to know the unspoken and unwritten rules to the game. 

As a trainer, I coach on behaviors you should build upon and what habits may not cast you in a promotable light.

Spirited discussions surrounding issues that affect the every day life of our communities. We discuss adult topics in a way that uplifts, inspires, informs and transforms situations.

I am an authentic, dynamic, motivational host dedicated to having real conversations, with real experts, on real topics that provide real solutions.

As a speaker, my main focus is to provide up to date and relevant content that is applicable and easily translatable in the lives of my audience. I use these opportunities to answer questions in a group setting allowing us to benefit from each others experience.


The goal at these events is to have my audience come away with guidelines and a reinforced message about the subject matter.


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